• Not a pilsner, not a kölsch -  but rather the finest lager beer
  • 4.9% alcohol carefully distributed in a handy 25cl bottle
  • Perfectly formed bottle covered with a swanky label
  • Voted once in a row the “Trend Product of the Year” at Barzone exhibition
  • Could be the next hipster-drink with its dashing looks and exquisite taste - if it wasn’t so damn affordable
  • 5€ deposit per 10-bottle-case - for the sake of the environment and due to laws and whatever
  • Alternative: Schädelbräu in a tenpack - 10 bottles in a deposit-free cardboard box 
  • Behind Schädelbräu is the congenial founder-duo Adrian Draschoff and Matthias Piegsa - two characters that together are indomitable and inseparable … just like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck aka Bennifer (status May 2015)
  • Tastes really good with: leg of lamb, hard cheese, dried sausage, wild boar, asparagus, fish, light or dark or no meat, sushi, corn chips, paprika chips, sour cream & onion chips, salt & vinegar chips, yellow gummy bears, cheese fondue, pine nuts, lipgloss, doner kebab with everything but onions, cookies.
  • Doesn’t taste good with: Becks
  • Schädelbräu doesn’t give you wings!


Lager beer, 4,9% alcohol, perfectly formed bottle covered with a swanky label, trend product of the year, affordable price, 5€ per case, deposit-free tenpack, founder-duo Adrian draschoff and Matthias Piegsa, Bennifer.


Schädelbräu - tasty even when you're not thirsty.